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Optum Pay is moving to Optum ID single sign on. Optum ID provides easy access to all Optum digital services directly through the new Link dashboard. If you currently access Optum Pay without login credentials, you will need to complete the Optum Pay new user credential process and obtain an Optum ID.

  • Use the download button below to access and
    print the Optum Pay new user registration forms.

  • Complete the forms and fax them to the number
    provided on the forms.

  • Once we receive and process your information, we will send an email confirmation with
    a link to complete the Optum Pay credential process.

  • If you don't already have an Optum ID you will need to register for one using the
    register link below. You will log into Optum Pay with your Optum ID going forward.

Download Forms  Don't have an Optum ID? Register | Not Enrolled? Enroll Now

Ready to sign
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Optum ID?

If you already completed the
Optum Pay credential process and created an Optum ID, you can log into Optum Pay using your Optum ID here.

If you haven't completed the
Optum Pay credential process, but have an existing Optum ID, you need to download and submit the information forms to the left. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the forms have been processed. From here you will choose to sign in with your existing Optum ID.

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